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TV4 Play is one of the most popular Apple TV apps in the Nordics. We set out to create an even better experience, creating both design and code from scratch.

With a very limited time frame did we not only want to build and launch something great for the user but also gain enough validated learning along the way so we would know if we were heading in the right direction.

Our users lead the way in everything we create, so working with lean UX principles we quickly built a protype based on assumptions and started user testing it. Early on in the project we onboarded developers and stakeholders with low-fi prototypes so they could get involved and continuesly give feedback.

The new app makes it easier to browse and start content right away without leaving the start section. If needed the user can use the menu to find the latest news and programs listed after category or A-Z. High contrast colors for UI making it easy navigate from the sofa and iOS 11 inspired headline to show where the user is in the app.

The new TV4 Play app for Apple TV 4 was well recieved, while we keept the first release MVP we have since initial release being able to continuously improve the app based on metrics and insights from user testing.

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Jakob Magnusson

Product Designer with a passion for creating digital products and services that are fun and easy to use. Works at Sveriges Radio.

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