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Sit back and relax, the new C More app for Apple TV makes it easier than ever to watch your favorit series. Or movie. Or sport.

C More has a huge catalog of movies and series. C More also has channels, live sport and catch up sport. There is also a big catalog of movies and series for children. There was simply put a lot of content that had to be presented and really easy to find from the sofa.

We choose to create a start page where the user can find almost everything and anything to watch, with just two taps on the ATV remote the user is streaming. Selection state of the cover makes that cover take over the entire screen and along comes a short text description. There's a menu with all of the content divided in sections as well as the popular search. Text is easy to read even from distance and the app has a dark UI with high contrast selection state colors.

From start our users appreciated the app, in usability testing as well as looking at metrics. We have since initial release being able to make many smaller adjustments to continuously improve the user experience. And most importantly - we learned tremendously much about our users.

Interaction Design
UI Design

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Jakob Magnusson

Product Designer with a passion for creating digital products and services that are fun and easy to use. Works at Sveriges Radio.

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