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Bubble is one of the most popular (and best!) services for building websites and apps without having to write code. Their brand and website was well in need of a refresh.

You can build any kind of website or app with Bubble, but can you build Bubbles website with Bubble? And how do you deliver assets to someone on the other side of the globe?

I built a small design system based on 8px grid for spacing and visual elements such as icons and logos. I customized the Bootstrap 4 grid so it worked with the 8 px grid we were using. I used Invision for building prototype and Zeplin for delivering design assets. The whole site is based on four different templates I created, to keep it simple and let the content speak.

The new branding and site is functional and approachable making it easy for the user to get inspired to start using Bubble for their new project. 

Interaction Design
UI Design

01 Bubble
02 Bubble
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04 Bubble
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Jakob Magnusson

Product Designer with a passion for creating digital products and services that are fun and easy to use. Works at Sveriges Radio.

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